Thomas Gazagnaire

I am engineer at Docker. Previously, I co-founded Unikernel Systems, where I was Chief Architect, to make unikernels easier to use so that they can be shipped and deployed everywhere, while I also was Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. Before that, I was CTO of OCamlPro, Principal Virtualisation Engineer at OnApp, and Senior Software Engineer at Citrix. I completed my Ph.D on distributed systems at Inria/IRISA in the DistribCom project and I obtained my Master and Bachelor degrees from ENS Lyon and ENS Rennes.

I am one of the main authors of the the MirageOS operating system library and the main developer of the Irmin Git-like distributed store. I previously designed and lead the implementation of the OPAM package manager, and I've worked on XenServer.


My interests primarily involve the application of formal methods and functional programming languages to complex-system engineering problems. More generally, I have a wide range of research and application interests including:

  • Cloud-computing;
  • Distributed and concurrent systems;
  • Verification (model-checking) of complex systems;
  • Automatic fault-diagnosis and monitoring of complex systems;
  • Application of functional programming to real-world problems;
  • Compilation and optimization techniques;
  • Partial-order theory.

I am doing most of my software developments in OCaml. My projects are hosted on Github.