Thomas Gazagnaire

Computer Scientist and Software Engineer.

I am the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Tarides.

We develop the OCaml ecosystem to build secure, performant and resource-efficient services thanks to MirageOS. More generally, we are building tools to fix the common plage that affect the ever-growing software industry, namely the bad quality of software and the omnipresence of bugs. However, this is not a fatal flaw. Tools we developed over the years do not compromise on quality and allow dev teams to automatically fix at least 70% of security bugs and 0-days security exploits. I am interested in a future where any high-level OCaml applications can easily be deployable as specialised, secure and energy-efficient MirageOS unikernels.

During my career, I have occupied various leadership and engineering positions at Docker, Citrix, OnApp, and OCamlPro. Tarides is the second company that I have co-founded. Docker acquired the first one, Unikernel Systems, in 2015. I also was a researcher at the University of Cambridge and Inria, where I obtained my PhD in 2007. Before this, I did my Master and Bachelor degrees at ENS Lyon and ENS Rennes.

I am one of the principal authors of the MirageOS operating system library and the leading developer of the Irmin Git-like distributed store. In addition, I designed and led the backend implementation of Docker Desktop, Docker's flagship product used monthly by more than 15 million developers. I also was the creator of Opam, the package manager for OCaml.

I am doing most of my software developments in OCaml and my projects are hosted on GitHub.