Thomas Gazagnaire

Building Functional Systems.

I hold the dual roles of Chief Executive Officer at Tarides and Chief Technology Officer at Parsimoni, focusing primarily on advancing the development of critical systems across industries. Through leveraging the OCaml ecosystem and MirageOS, our mission is to revolutionize the creation of secure, performant, and resource-efficient services.

As a co-founder and the CEO of Tarides (and formerly its CTO), I spearhead initiatives to combat the widespread issues of software defects and security vulnerabilities. Our goal is to equip developers with the tools needed to build safer, more efficient, and performant critical systems.

My career has spanned various leadership and engineering roles at Docker, Citrix, OnApp, and OCamlPro. Tarides marks the second company I have co-founded, with Docker acquiring the first, Unikernel Systems, in 2015. My research career includes time spent at the University of Cambridge, Inria, ENS Lyon and ENS Rennes.

I am notably one of the principal authors of the MirageOS operating system library and the leading developer of Irmin, a Git-like distributed store. Additionally, I have played a pivotal role in the design and backend implementation of Docker Desktop, a flagship Docker product used monthly by over 15 million developers. I am also the creator of Opam, the package manager for OCaml.

Most of my software development is conducted in OCaml, with my projects prominently featured on GitHub.